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Dana Venkert



Dana is the Co manager and Co founder of the BrainStormTAU community. She is member of the research team in Prof. Ari Barzilai's laboratory for Neuroscience in the department of Neuroscience and Neurobiology at Tel Aviv University.


Dana was Israel’s delegate in ASC  (Asian Science Camp) 2019, Israel's representative in in the European Union contest of young scientists and won special award for Excelling Research in life science as part of the first cohort of the "Alpha" gifted students research program. 

Neurobiology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Immunology

Shaira Gozun

The Philippines

Shaira (Philippines).jpg

Shaira worked on a team project in Bioluminescence and in the field of Materials science, specifically in Acoustics. She received Honorable Mention Award from the Acoustical Society of America (co-researchers: Neil David Cayanan and E'van Relle) at Intel ISEF 2019 and First Place - Architectural Acoustics Best Student Paper Award from the Society’s Technical Committee on their 178th Meeting. 

Life Sciences, Materials Science

Jay Iyer

Louisiana, USA


Jay is a double ISEF and an RSI 2020 finalist. He created a bacteriophage cocktail that showed outstanding efficacy in killing E.coli bacteria in meat. He then developed a novel way of proteolysis in fighting against Alzheimer's Disease. Jay is an EKAM Youth Ambassador and the founder & CEO of the nonprofit organization "Mind Relief”. 

Microbiology, Chemical biology

Emily Tianshi

California, USA

Képernyőfotó 2020-06-26 - 8.23.33.png

Emily at Intel ISEF 2019 received 2nd place Grand Award in Environmental Science and in 2020 she became US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Runner Up and California Winner. In 2020 National Junior Science and Humanities Symposia placed 1st and 3rd in oral presentation, respectively. 

Environmental Science and Engineering, Plant and Material Science, Water Resource Management

Grigori Matein

Bulgaria, France


Recent Physics graduate from University of Cambridge with focus on Quantum computation and algorithms, for which Grigori got a EUCYS prize in the final year of his Bachelors. He worked on Computational neuroscience for his masters project and further investigated quantum programming after uni.

Physics, Quantum Computation and algorithms

Alice Cai

Arkansas, USA


Alice is a published and nationally recognized author by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, including a 2020 American Voice medal. She got published by The Best Teen Writing of 2019, which is the US’ longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens.


Alice also worked on Fabrication Optimization of Nano-structures as part of her ISEF 2019 project and co-founded a unique educational platform: Buzz Online.

Bio-inspired nanomaterials, Creative Writing, Journalism

Lester Sabadao

The Philippines



Agricultural Biotechnology

Carla García Medina

Spain, New York


Carla in her 2018 EUCYS project, applied genetic algorithms to solve the "Travelling Salesman Problem", a computational NP problem. She participated at the 8th International Swiss Talent Forum and developed an iOS application for IDEA Cambodia. She worked for companies and institutions in ML and Deep learning, and now she studies at NYU. 

Computer Science