Ethical Evaluation 

The ethical implications of a biotechnological project might fall in the grey zone, thus not being able to move forward. Risk assessment, mitigation of social, environmental or biotechnological consequences, assessment of legal limitations is paramount in today's rapidly expanding world.


We wish for your iGEM project to pursue further development, and we are here to galvanize your process by providing a comprehensive, ethical evaluation of your work!


Once filling out the form, which helps us map the directions your research is taking, our team will get in touch with you! 

iGEM Ethical Evaluation Form

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What legislative hurdles is your project facing?

In what ways could your research or technology be misused? 

What are the social impacts your project could have?

How will you assess the risks and navigate them? 

Does your project pose a risk to the environment?

If so, how will you mitigate and manage them? 

Does your project have the potential to allow for non-therapeutic enhancements to the human body?

If so, how will you mitigate the consequences of that? 

Does your project have any legal limitations which are hindering research and development?

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