Blanka Novák

Founder - Hungary

Microbiology, Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry

Blanka is one of the founders, organiser of the Global Ambassadors group via STEMPOOL at SynthEthics and host of the Drop the STEM podcast. Her passions encapsulate public outreach, foreign languages, visual and scientific communication. She is a university student and researcher in Microbiology. Her project was awarded First Prize at the Hungarian Innovation Youth Talent Contest, Bioeconomy Prize at EUCYS, 4th place at Intel ISEF 2019 and represented Hungary at SIYSS, attending the Nobel festivities.

She believes that a lot of times, inactivity is not due to a lack of interest but information. Therefore, to her making the advancements of the STEM fields, the possibilities of synthetic biology known and understandable to others is paramount: turning walls into doors.