Chia-yu Chen

Representative - South Africa

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Chia is a PhD student and a published researcher in the field of Invertebrate Pathology, with her primary focus on the biocontrol of agricultural pests using highly specific insecticidal toxins from micro-organisms. Chia is not only well-versed in current biological pest control strategies but continues to innovate new and better methods for the assessment of biocontrol agents against insect pests. This is evident by her establishment of two new techniques, one of which has been published in an international ISI-listed journal, where she is the first author and the second is awaiting publication in another internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal.

Chia wishes to broaden public knowledge and perception of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and biological control agents for the biocontrol of economically important agricultural pests. Compared to chemical pesticides, GMOs and biocontrol agents are not only beneficial to humans, animals, and the environment but also improve many socio-economic aspects of society without compromising ethics.