Luisa Stöckli

Ambassador - Switzerland

Medicine, Immunology

Luisa currently studies Medicine at the University of Zurich in a joint program with the University of St.Gallen. This joint Master program allows her to earn a degree in Management and Governance (public health and its economic relations). Aside from university and working at a paediatricians practice, she founded the "Teddybärspital St.Gallen", a project that aims to prepare young children for their stay at the hospital or a doctor's visit by allowing them to test all the clinical procedures and equipment with their teddy bears first to take their fears away. She also worked on a methodology for quantitative and qualitative assessment of the microbiome on human tonsils, focusing on an HPV driven oropharyngeal cancer currently, as well. With this project, she won a special prize at Switzerland's national competition for young researchers which allowed her to participate in EUCYS 2018. She is currently working on her Master's thesis in cardiology and immunology on the interaction of gut microbiome with inflammation in cardiac tissue.

Luisa thinks that every decision we make is based on our personal approach and comparison of values. She believes that raising awareness for the ethical dilemma in young people is the best way to create future professionals that work together for a better world.