Maria Isabel Layson

Representative - Philippines

Biomedical Science, Plant Science, Metabolomics, Chemistry

In 2014 Maria's research tackled on the preservation of an almost endangered bivalve. Back then, she was part of a team of 3, and they were blessed with the opportunity to have made it through the Division, Regional and the National Fair where they won first place. In 2018, she partnered and worked with the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Philippines as a Student Scientist. Maria's work was given numerous prestigious awards in international research competitions and meetings such as ISEF 2019, and the annual Sigma Xi Research Conference, acknowledged by the media on both national and international levels. Her passion also revolves around foreign languages, dance, music, sports and community service. Currently, she is working her way to be a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Researcher.

Maria believes that everything that we do integrates the concepts we learn in STEM. She also wishes to make people more aware of the beauty and gift of nature since it is all around us and we must not take it for granted because it is there for a reason for its existence.