Perisa Ashar

Ambassador - Virginia, US

Cancer, Neuroscience, miRNAs, Nanotechnology, Genetic editing

Perisa has had the opportunity to present at the national Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, represent the USA delegation at the Taiwan International Science Fair. She participated three times in the international Intel ISEF fair, where she was selected as a Third Place Grand Awardee in the Biomedical and Health Sciences Category. Perisa also runs an international nonprofit organization called STEMinate, where she aims to prove inclusivity in the STEM field and transform our world positive through research!

According to her with advances in science and technology, we approach a "murky," grey area where we are caught on whether we should move forward for the sake of innovation, or whether we should stop due to ethical issues. Perisa loves to engage in discourse and has been extremely passionate about this topic as she frequently uses CRISPR-CAS9 as a therapeutic mechanism in her oncology research. She plans to be objective by providing both the pros and cons of synthetic biology!